Welcome to Little Flower Penny Dinners

Little Flower Penny Dinners has been offering its services to those in need since its foundation in 1912. Our committed team of staff and volunteers offer a warm friendly welcome to all our clients. Our service is funded by your donations and we ensure that all donations are used to develop and improve our overall service. We have a proud history of service in the Liberties and your contribution will help us continue that worthy tradition.

We serve 72,000 Meals annually.

Breakfast Service: 9 to 10.30am (Monday to Friday)

Lunch Service: 11.30am to 1.15pm (Monday to Friday)

Meals on Wheels & Outreach: 11.30am to 1.30pm (All Year)

Laundry Service: 9am to 2pm (Monday to Friday)

Our Vision is that Little Flower Penny Dinners will provide those in need
with support, service and a place of welcome.

Our Mission is that Little Flower Penny Dinners will provide food
for the Body and Soul of all who seek it.